Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been in a huge rut the last few days. It started with a gain on Saturday. Not a huge one, but a gain regardless. Used my flex points for the day, so ate a few treats.

Then Sunday, went to a goodbye party for some friends of ours that are leaving town, and ate reasonably until I tasted the coconut cupcakes. I tried to stick with one but ended up eating 2. That started a downward slide for the rest of the day, and for the life of me I just couldn't rebound back.

Monday, the plan was to get up early, exercise and eat right. Instead, woke up with horrible cramps and could barely get out of bed at all. No exercise and no counting points.

Tuesday, still had cramps, so no exercise. Ate ok until after dinner. I was hosting a baby shower at my house and they had a chocolate fountain. Still, I thought I would do ok. Filled up my plate with mostly fruit, and one little rice krispy treat. Lightly drizzled chocolate on everything. That would have been ok, until I went back and got 2 more rice krispy treats. Then I ate a candy bar (that I won at a game) after everyone left.

Today I think I have somewhat gotten myself together. I woke up, exercised, and ate ok today. Even though I am (trying to be) back on track, I still feel like I am in a rut. I had all these plans for the blog, with new ideas for posts, and have done nothing. Other projects in my life are on hold too, while I try to pull myself together.

Anyone else have these kinds of weeks? When you cry for stupid reasons? Where its only Wednesday and it feels like Friday?

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Juliet said...

Yes, all the time!! Don't get discouraged.. life will always throw you in different directions and as long as you get back on track when you can, that is what counts. :)