Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Container Vegetable Garden

As part of my quest to make vegetables a bigger part of my life, this year I decided to plant a container vegetable garden. This type of garden is perfect for people who do not have a big planting area or maybe just have a deck or patio and no yard at all. Now is the perfect time of year for doing this. I am not a gardener, and do not consider myself to have a "green thumb" at all.

But how great will it be to be able to eat garden fresh vegetables in a couple of months?

For those of you who are interested, this is how I got started:

1. I bought/found my containers and saved a lot of money by using storage containers instead of traditional pots, which are expensive. I went to Walmart and bought some big buckets for $8 each, and drilled drainage holes in the bottom with my husband's drill. The plastic pots that size were $14. Then I found a couple of rectangular storage bins laying around in the garage, and drilled holes in them too!

2. Then I went to Home Depot and bought my potting soil. I bought the cheapest one that would work for vegetables, because you can add your own fertilizer/plant food. The big bags I bought were $4.99 each, versus $13 for Miracle Gro.

3. Then I went to a gardening center/nursery to buy my plants and plant food. You can buy them at Home Depot or Lowes, but as a beginner gardener, I wanted to talk to someone knowledgeable about which plants to buy. The plants are about the same price anywhere, anyway.

4. Came home and filled my pots with soil, and mixed in my plant food, and planted the plants.

This happened last Thursday, and they have already grown at least 3-4 inches already! It is very exciting. I encourage everyone who has even the tiniest sunny place to plant a veggie or some herbs. It is really a fun thing to do with kids, or even with your partner. And not to mention, a really smart thing to do in this economy.
Patio Tomatoes
Green Beans
Green, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers
Grape Tomatoes


Lisa S said...

Yeah! Good for you on your container garden. I'm envious. I live in an upstairs condo with a balcony. Last year they resurfaced the balconies and then told us no more potted plants on them. I would look out my kitchen window and behold beauty. It was to be no more. I went thru a mourning period. I just felt so bad. So I put my pots downstairs, one of which was a beautiful hydranga. Three of my nicest plants were stolen, including my mother's day hydranga. So now I nurse some cosmos. They reseed quickly. I don't try any vegetables because I'm afraid they'll be pilfered. I bookmarked your page. It's a good read. I"m also in California

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Great job on the container garden! I planted tomatoes, peppers and mini cucumbers in containers a few weeks ago. I did this also last year, and we so enjoyed eating our own veggies!

Christy said...

This is also my first year working with a container garden. I am very excited about it. We have similar plants. I cannot wait to see how yours turn out. I have pics on my blog of my garden. It is like my kid ;-)

Kristin said...

I am doing this! Great ideas. Thank you!

lorraine said...

Good for you, i have done the same , i wanted to see how it works and also less weeds. But one suggestion start from seed. That is all i do and save a bundle of money. I also went to dollar store and i like the american made plastic 18 gal pots for around $6.00. I have early girl tomatoes, bell peppers, radishes,brussel spouts and different herbs.