Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skinny Habit of the Week: Eat a Good Breakfast

This sounds more like common sense than a "skinny habit," but this is one habit that really helps in weight loss and maintenance. The days that I either skip breakfast or eat a wimpy one (ie. just grab a bar or something) are the days when I really struggle to eat right.

On those days, I am usually starving by 11am, and then am cranky and miserable until I get some lunch. I am impatient with my daughter, and when I do eat, I usually compensate and eat more. Some days, the compensation doesn't stop with lunch.

I have been in maintenance mode for a couple of weeks now (as I have started my in-vitro process) and have been eating a little more for breakfast than I used to. I am noticing such a difference in my hunger levels. I am noticing that it does carry into the whole day. I am less hungry over-all and more satisfied with the other meals.

Some of my breakfast staples:

Liquid Egg Whites
Alternative Bagels
Fiber One Frosted Mini Wheats
Peanut Butter Puffins or Reg. Puffins w/
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (40 cals/cup)
Banana or other fruit
Bran Muffins
Greek Yogurt

I mix and match, for a breakfast of 5 or 6 WW pts. Sometimes I microwave some egg whites and eat them with a bit of light melted cheese on a bagel. Sometimes I have my cereal with fruit and a muffin on the side. Other times I eat some fruit and greek yogurt with eggs, or with cereal. The more filling, the better.

If you aren't currently eating a filling breakfast and trying to lose weight, give this a try and see what happens!


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

So true! Eating breakfast makes SUCH a difference. If I don't eat enough for breakfast, I often end up eating way too much later on in the day... I like your breakfast items. This morning I had oatmeal with cinnamon, a little bit of granola and fresh blueberries. And I feel great... :0

Clare said...

I am the crankiest little girl when I don't get a decent breakfast! I have to have either oatmeal, a big bowl of cereal, waffles, fiber-loaded pancakes, or grits and eggs. I usually throw in a boiled egg. I HAVE to have protein and I HAVE to have carbs. No puny little apple and coffee for me.

Clare @ Clare's Two Steps Forward

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I agree! I think a good breakfast really helps curb oversnacking in the afternoon for me!

Emily C said...

thanks for the breakfast tips!

Weight Loss Center said...

Many people don't like to eat in the morning. I know some people who can't even choke back a piece of food until 11am or later. But you're right, that eating breakfast is so important, particularly if you are tyring to lose weight. For people who aren't interested in food in the morning or don't have time to cook, a great alternative is making a breakfast smoothie. I use half a package of soft tofu, some frozen berries and about half-a-cup of vanilla yogurt and throw it all into a blender. It's thick, delicious, a good source of protein and vitamins and super easy to make.

Lynn Hahn said...

Break fast literally means to break a fast. Your body has gone without food for the longest duration of the day.

In the morning your brain is looking for food and water. It consumes carbohydrates. If you don't feed it any it breaks down your muscles to get what it needs.

Your brain is 90% water so if you don't drink something in the morning you most likely won't think clearly and may even get a headache.

You are "RIGHT ON" about eating breakfast.

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