Monday, December 1, 2008

Lean Crock Pot Roast Idea and a Cool Contest

I was shopping for my Sunday dinner, thinking about what I wanted to make, and had an idea. I thought about my beef stew recipe, and how the flank steak just fell apart like pot roast. Since roasts are so fatty, I thought I would try a pot roast with flank steak, which is super lean, and only one point for each ounce, cooked.

I cut up onions, potatoes, and mushrooms, and lined the bottom of the crock pot with half of the onions. I put the trimmed flank steak on top, and put baby carrots and the rest of the cut up veggies on top. I added one can of golden mushroom soup, which is like 80 calories a serving, and 1/2 packet of onion soup mix, and about 2 T Ranch seasoning mix. I also added about 3-4 cans of water. However, for seasoning, you could do whatever you wanted.

I turned the crock pot on low for 8 hours and it turned out great! Since the meat is so lean, it does need a bit of the gravy on top, but the meat just falls apart. Great lean option for a nice comfort-food dinner.
(Sorry about the blurry photo, I turned the flash off to get the right color.)


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