Friday, December 5, 2008

Lifetime of Habits are Not Easily Broken

Today I got up and did not want to exercise. We were heading out to Disneyland so I knew that we would walk a ton. (Not a good excuse)

Disneyland was ridiculous today. It was sooo crowded. We mistakenly thought that it wouldn't be crowded the weekend right after Thanksgiving, but it was awful. No more Friday Disneyland trips. So with the crowds, the long lines and a cranky toddler, we left early. As we were leaving, we stopped for lunch in Downtown Disney. We went to the Rainforest Cafe, because we thought it would be fun for Emily, my daughter.

It was a great atmosphere but the food was disappointing. I ordered lettuce wraps, trying to be healthy. When they arrived, I realized that they had a certain seasoning in them that I can't eat. Every time I come across it, it almost makes me nauseous. So I asked if I could order something else. There was nothing on the menu that looked remotely good to me, except for the most fattening items, like a big juicy burger. Which I almost ordered out of desperation. I finally chose a thin crust margarita style pizza, thinking that I would just eat a couple of slices. So the pizza came, and I ate a few slices and it wasn't even that great! ( I also munched on my husbands bruschetta) I didn't over-eat, but I know that I ate way too many points due to my food choices. And it wasn't even that good. What a waste. So I drove home, thinking about how tired I was, and how I really should burn off those calories.

Here I am, and I still have not worked out. I have an elliptical machine, and it is as easy as walking in the other room and getting on it. I am really trying to get the motivation. I also just grabbed a couple of handfuls of m&ms from the fridge out of my daughter's potty training stash. Great.

Or not so great. But I just read Roni's daily post and she said something that struck me. She said that the habits that brought you to your current state (of a higher weight than you want to be) evolved over time, and you didn't gain the weight all at once. Likewise, changing these habits is not going to happen overnight either. It might even take as long to get back to where you want to be.

This really made me think. Over the past 8 1/2 years, I have for the most part, eaten whatever I want, and not made exercise a consistent part of my life. I have had intervals where I did ok but it was not my lifestyle. That is a long time. Before those years, I didn't really need to watch what I ate, so really my whole life up to now I have developed habits that I now want to break. Ouch. No wonder it is so hard to change.

I am now going to give myself props for the changes I have made. For making this goal and really giving it my best effort. I hope all you readers do the same.

Now I am going to get off my butt and go exercise.


Roni said...

Did I just help you with an "a ha" moment??

That is too cool! :)

Juliet said...

I hope you found your way onto your elliptical machine, although I have to say, walking around disneyland all day seems like a great start at exercise to me (better than sitting or sleeping all day). Any idea what the seasoning is that you can't stand?

PS. A tip I like: order your pizza without cheese... I sometimes have them add a small amount of feta or goat cheese instead.. Since I love tomato sauce and bread (like bruchetta which you mentioned nibbling on), I don't feel like the cheese adds that much. :)

Don't be too hard on yourself!