Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Product Reviews

1. Alpine Valley Breads and Rolls

I first discovered this company when I lived in Arizona, where their factory is. This delicious whole grain bread (usually 1 point per slice) quickly became a staple at our house. They use simple ingredents, and the bread is soft and amazingly tasty. My mother-in-law came to visit once and came back to California determined to find out where they sell it here.

Made a trip to Costco yesterday and found their organic whole wheat dinner rolls. Super hearty and delicious for only one point.

They have a great selection of different types of whole grain breads. Just go to their website to find out where to purchase - they sell in about 8 states currently.

2. Kahiki EasyCrisp Egg Rolls

Get daily emails from Hungry Girl and this was one of her product finds. The vegetable ones are 1 point each, and the ones with chicken are 2 points each. Each eggroll comes with a little sauce packet. I gobbled one up for lunch today. Quite good. My only complaint was that there was not enough dipping sauce for my taste, I need to pick up a jar of sweet chili sauce so I can dip to my hearts content. I found mine at Vons, in the special/health foods freezer department. You can click on the link and find out where to get them near you.

3. Delallo Vodka Pasta Sauce

Found this little gem when I was shopping for a quick Saturday night meal. Amazingly, it is only 80 Calories per half a cup, compared to a lot higher in most other creamy sauces. Comes out to 2 points per serving, which isn't bad paired with a high fiber or whole wheat pasta. We've had it twice this week because it was so good! I found it at Albertsons, but you can order it off their website, too.

P.S. This photo is not exactly the one I bought, mine didn't say cheese and cream underneath. So not sure if its the same one but I wanted a photo!

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