Saturday, October 11, 2008

Slimming Slip

A few weeks ago, I was getting dressed for church, and I put on a new dress, one of those high waisted knit dresses. As I was finishing getting ready, my husband said that there were too many lines (its low cut, so I had a cami on underneath) and it didn't look that great. So I went and looked for myself and not only were there too many lines, but too many lumps too. So the dress went back in the closet, until I ordered this fabulous body-shaper slip from Layers Clothing.
Not only does it double as an undershirt/shell but it streamlines all the lumps. No muffin top, only a smooth body. I think I will wear it under every dress I own.


Anonymous said...

I too have found a fabulous body shaper by Shapeez. And now I can wear all those tight knit shits and dresses I have had stashed away in my closet. What I really love about my Shapeez is that it has a molded-cup bra with underwire. So, I not only look great, but I have great support too! Check it out.

Ali said... I don't know what size to get...they give you no measurements.... help!