Thursday, October 30, 2008


Was reading another blog, Kath Eats Real Food
and her post talks about how she was at the library working on a project and didn't think she could make it to lunch without eating. However, she drank some water and got absorbed into her project - and made it to lunchtime with no problems.

This made me think. Today I am battling monstrous PMS chocolate cravings. All I want is a huge cookie sundae or chocolate cake, candy, whatever. It is ridiculous. I ate a little chocolate mint 2-point bar, instead of something worse, but the craving was not fixed. Not in the slightest. I whined to my husband about it, and he said that PMS doesn't cause chocolate cravings. I argued. But that is not the point. The point is what to do about them. (the cravings)

So I left the kitchen, went to my computer and started blog-surfing. Then I read the post. It made me think about distraction. It works with even the stubbornest toddlers (most of the time), why not with food? As I read her simple statement I realized that as I have been on the computer, and then am off to the next task of the day, the craving has been put on the back burner. It just needs to stay there till tomorrow night when I will have my splurge meal.

So how can I make this technique work in the future now that it is conscious? I need fight the cravings with other activities, whether it is something mundane like laundry, or whether I need to go outside, and walk to the park with my daughter. But now I have a tool to help me when the times are tough.


Michal said...

great idea. i'll have to try it. i am continuously battling my cravings (and lately, i've been failing:)

one thing that my ww leader said to me once really helped. she said that our cravings are worse when we have PMS because our metabolism actually peaks. so if we can resist overeating and eating high calorie foods during that time, we can actually lose more weight!

Juliet said...

Cravings are tough. I think practice makes perfect. Also, I try to have having something healthy to reach to for these situations (even if it is a small piece of chocolate) so I don't end up grabbing/eating whatever is around.

Carole said...

PMS does too cause chocolate cravings. Your body is looking for the serotonin. Letting a piece of dove chocolate melt in your mouth should take care of it without destroying your diet.