Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lunch Musings

Today I went to lunch with my daughter. I was going to take her to McDonald's so she could play, but when I walked up, I looked in the window and saw the line a mile long. So we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up at Baja Fresh, and I looked up on my blackberry what I could eat there on Dotti's Site. (She has tons of restaurants and the nutritional value of menu items.) I found that their baja ensalada with chicken was only 6 points, so that is what I got. As I ate my healthy salad, I started to think about my eating habits in the past. I used to get burritos with rice and chips, or even the loaded nachos. Burritos are a whole day's worth of points/calories for me. (20 something) Nachos? 2 DAYS worth of points/calories. (50!) No wonder American's have such a hard time with being overweight. Things people THINK are healthy are full of more fat and calories than they could possibly imagine. I am so glad that I am making this change in my life. I want to be healthy. I want my family to be healthy. I will do everything I can to make this happen.


Super Healthy Kids said...

I need to get that program for my blackberry! Its always shocking to know how many calories they can pack in some food.

Kendra! said...

Jenn I just have to tell you that I started WW 3 weeks ago and am loving the results and your blog totally helps me on a daily basis!