Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back on Track

Well, tomorrow came and went, along with my "eating right" mentality. It was so hard to eat good. I did walk a TON so hopefully that helped.

So I haven't weighed myself, I will wait till my next weigh in, on Saturday. Great. Right after Thanksgiving. Gotta be really good this week because I am definitely eating Thanksgiving dinner.

It wasn't that hard to get back on track today, though. (Got home last night) In prior "dieting" times, I have always (after falling off the wagon) said, "I will start again on Monday." Since this time I am not dieting, (I am changing my lifestyle), it was a no-brainer to eat healthy right away. It feels so good to have eaten right today. I really like the way I feel much better.

So many of my favorite bloggers have talked about the "not waiting till Monday" to start eating right, after a screw up. We have to change our ways if we want this to work. We aren't going to be perfect in our eating. We will always have times where we have more calories than is ideal. What we have to do is be ok with that, and not think that since we blew it, we might as well keep blowing it. If we quit, we will never make it on this journey. Procrastination will just set us back even more. Just more weight to lose.

In fact, just read a post on this very topic, concerning Thanksgiving. It was a great one.

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