Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Brownie Experiment

Yesterday I watched an awesome video on WWChic's blog about making black-bean brownies. I have heard about this recipe for some time, but never had the guts to actually try to make them. So the video motivated me. Today I bought a brownie mix, and made them. I wanted to see if they were better or worse than No-Pudge brownie mix. Here are my findings:

1. Both black bean and No-Pudge are 2 points per brownie.
2. No-Pudge brownies are bigger.
3. No-Pudge brownies and black bean brownies are both good; I would say they are pretty equal in a taste test.
4. Black bean brownies are a lot more work to make than No-Pudge. It took me forever to puree the beans, not to mention the cleanup.
5. Neither Black bean nor No-Pudge are as good as original brownies, but they will do the trick for a chocolate fix.

Summary: I think I will stick with No-Pudge brownies as they are easier to make, and you get more for your points.


Madison Song said...

oh i've heard of this too! yay i'm glad you did this, as i'll stick to the no pudge brownies too =)

Marisa said...

Good to know! Thanks!

p.s. Hope you don't mind that I added you to my blogroll - love your recipes!!!

Davis Family said...

Hey Jen! I have seen your link on a few of the girls blogs and since I am trying to loose some of the baby weight I decided to check it out and did not know this was your thing! Anyways! So Cool! Your recipes look good and I ma going to try some. I was wondering about the no pudge brownie recipe though! Is it store bought or made from scratch? Let me know cause I would love to try it! I miss all you girls in HB! Hope all is going good! Hope you don't mind but I am going to add you to my blog list! Mine is mattandamberdavis.blogspot.com! Talk to you later!