Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It All Evens Out

During these last few months, there have been some discouraging weeks, where I feel like I did everything right, and lost barely any weight. Then there have been weeks where I really didn't stay on plan, or didn't exercise enough, or whatever. And surprisingly sometimes I lost weight on those weeks. There were weeks where I was stuck in a plateau.

There have been days where all I wanted to do was eat eat eat. Chocolate, breads, sweets, crazy cravings. There also have been days when I wasn't even hungry for all my points for the day. Yesterday, after dinner, I had 3 points left, and I wasn't even very hungry. But because they were there, I ate a granola bar. I could have done without it.

Even though these ups and downs have happened, I'm learning to see the bigger picture. I have lost almost (hopefully by next weigh in) 10% of my body weight. That is such a great feeling. Did those frustrating weigh-ins really matter in the long run? No. It may be taking me longer to lose this weight than I thought it would originally, but I am learning to be ok with that too. I am learning to "love the process."

Check out Roni's post on this. It really is mind-altering. Learning to love the process is just as important as loving the result. It is so true.

Thanks Roni!!!

So next time I (or you) have a bad weigh-in, or we eat out of control for a day, or whatever the challenge may be, we need to realize that it will all even out in the end, as long as we love the process and not quit.

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scrapwordsmom said...

Great post. I am in the middle of a Transformation with Bill Phillips. I am reminded daily that it is the consistency that matters...we just have to keep moving forward!!

Have a great day!