Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rubio's Health Mex

One of my favorite places to either eat lunch or dinner out and be able to stay on program is Rubio's Baja Grill. Their Health Mex burritos and tacos are really good.

Health Mex Chicken or Mahi Mahi taco- 3.5 Pts ea.
For lunch I usually eat one of each and a diet coke.

Health Mex Burrito -either chicken or fish- 10.5 Pts.
I usually need to eat a lighter breakfast and lunch to have enough points left for this one, but it is really filling and delicious.

I often have this same conversation with my husband: He claims that when he eats out for lunch, there is no place to go to get a lower calorie/healthy meal. I will keep trying to prove him wrong.

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Roni said...

Darn it! You west Coasters have the best restaurant choices! ;~)